Introduced in 1965 during the Vietnam War, the M-65 field jacket (aka m65 field coat) was an updated version of the M-51 and M-43 field jackets which were used during the Korean War and the second world war. The improvements of the m65 field jacket (m-65 field coat were the built-in hood that rolled and hide in the collar, two shoulder epaulets, extra pockets for carrying equipment, cargo, and accessories, and the brass zipper which replaced the button up style beforehand – allowing soldiers to quickly and effortlessly close and open their jackets for easy access. The m65 field jacket also had Velcro on both cuffs in case the soldier wanted to roll up his sleeves. Velcro was not available for mass production during the second world war and the Korean war but with technological advancements the military and their american manufacturers were able to utilize and implement Velcro and zippers in the military apparel and garments cost effectively thereby providing superior quality jackets, coats, pants, and shorts to the United States military.

The m65 field jacket (m-65 field coat) also had a detachable inner liner which was very useful for soldiers in Vietnam, where the climate fluctuated between sunny hot days with temperature reaching in the high 80s and 90s Fahrenheit and cold nights, reaching freezing temperatures. Being able to attach the m65 field jacket liner for their field coats became very handy and useful for american soldiers wearing military clothing.

American soldiers that were wearing the m65 field coat also wore military fatigues such as bdu pants, bdu shirts, bdu caps, or even boonie hats. American soldiers were also using Victorinox Swiss Army knives, which was also very useful military personnel. For the most part the military clothing in Vietnam consisted of cotton bdu pants and shirts since they were able to breathe more easily in the warm Asian climate. During that time the ripstop bdu pants and shirts were still not available.

The m65 field jacket was mostly worn in olive green but the m65 coat was also available in woodland camouflage. The original color of the m65 jacket was olive green shade 107 – a green that is subtly dark which blended in well with the natural background in the Vietnam forests and jungle. Gradually over time the m65 coat became available in a wide array of colors – green, woodland camo, navy, black, khaki, tri-color desert camouflage, and multicam.

The two foremost manufacturers of the m65 field coat are Alpha Industries and Rothco. The Alpha Industries m65 field coat jacket is available in 5 different colors – khaki, woodland camouflage, olive, black and navy. The alpha m-65 is made with a superior high quality NYCO fabric – which is a nylon cotton blend that provides it’s rugged durability, strength, and ripstop sturdiness to prevent a hole from widening any further. Alpha’s ,65 jacket is water resistant and provides shelter from the wind as well. The m-65 field coat has been Alpha Industries number one seller ever since they’ve been manufacturing and producing the m-65 for the American military. Other features of Alpha’s m65 includes additional buttons to attach the ALS-92 liner for added warmth. Alpha’s m65 liner is great for cold climates! The posterior bi-swing alls for better range of motion= allowing the m-65 wearer to move freely. The waist has a drawstring to adjust tightness and likewise there’s a drawstring around the concealed hood for adjustment. The hood is able to be tucked in and folded to stay hidden in the collar (originally the m43 field jacket had a detachable hood which was cumbersome for soldiers). The collar and front closure both feature a high quality brass zipper which prevents rust and will last for a very long time. There are also snap closures available for a quick front closure if you’r eon the go and need to close your jacket quickly.

Rothco’s m65 field jacket is made from a polyester and cotton twill to make for a durable military jacket. It also has a hood which can remain concealed in the upper collar. Both shoulders have epaulets, the front part of the jacket has a zipper and snap button with a Velcro top closure at the collar. Rothco’s m-65 field coat comes with a detachable liner that can remain buttoned-in. There are 4 main pockets on the front part of the field jacket for all your carrying needs and lastly a hook and loop fastener to attach your military gloves if need be. Most importantly Rothco’s m65 jacket is water resistant.

The m65 coat is a great military field jacket and it’s available from two renowned military manufacturers – Alpha Industries and Rothco. Get your m-65 field coat jacket today in all colors!